Dari Komersial Hingga Defense, Inilah Foto Terbaik 2015

Komersial Hingga Defense, Inilah Foto Terbaik 2015

Aviation Week memilih 13 foto pesawat terbaik dalam kompetisi tahunan foto 2015. Foto dibagi dalam empat kategori yakni pesawat komersial, defense, ruang angkasa, dan umum. Satu foto juga ditetapkan sebagai bes of the best 2015. Dan berikut foto-foto yang meraih juara dalam kompetisi tersebut

foto BestOfBest

Best of the Best

FIFI’s Fireworks

Christopher Miller, Centreville, Virginia

FIFI is the center of attention on Boeing Plaza during Saturday night’s fireworks at EAA AirVenture 2015 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Kategori Komersial

foto Commercial-1

Juara I

Pickle Lake Aurora

Andras Mihalik, Budapest, Hungary

The entire Osnaburgh Airways fleet was pictured under a beautiful arch of the aurora borealis at the carrier’s base at Pickle Lake in northwest Ontario.

foto Commercial-2

Juara II

Wing Flex

Brian Losito, Lachine, Quebec

This air-to-air photo of an Air Canada Boeing 787-8 shows the upward flex of the composite wing.

foto Commercial-3

Juara III

Ice Man Cometh

Angelo Bufalino, Highlands Ranch, Colorado

A 30-sec. exposure of the deicing process was taken in the early morning hours on the ramp at Springfield Branson Airport, Springfield, Missour

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