Airnav: No More Illegal Flights in East Indonesia.

    AirNav Tingkatkan Frekuensi Penerbangan


    In the first half of this year, there is no longer a wild flight of incoming international airspace eastern Indonesia. Whereas in the previous year there were about 15 illegal flights were detected by the navigation authority for flights Indonesia (Airnav) branch Sultan Hasanuddin Airport in Makassar and then reported in Kosekhanudnas 2 Makassar for further action.

    According to General Manager Airnav to Sultan Hasanuddin Airport in Makassar, Novi Pantaryanto, it is because Airnav via Makassar Air Traffic Services Centre (MATSC) to change the approach.

    “In the past, there was a wild air (without permission) from overseas detected by us, we immediately report it to Kosekhanudnas 2 for in-intercept, driven out or forced to step down. Now, so we can flight plan from the country of origin, we communicate licenses with relevant ministries. Namely the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Transportation. If permission is not down, we communicate with the navigation authority of the country of origin so that the plane is not allowed to pass through the air space of our departure, “he said.

    According to Novi, MATSC also helped by a new system that they install in January named TOPSKY. The system is able to identify the plane quickly associated with a flight plan and permit entry into Indonesia. Thus MATSC can give immediate information on the navigation authority of the country of departure the best to hold it so it does not enter Indonesian airspace.

    The new approach is also able to save on operating expenses, primarily issued by the Air Force to intercept the illegal flights. “For example, there was a wild flight, we report Kosekhanudnas 2 and they ordered fighter jets to intercept. Sukhoi operational costs once flew over 500 million. While the fines that we can from the wild flights only Rp60 million. So if there are no wild flight, we can save the operational costs, “said Novi.


    Sukhoi-base in Makassar also recognized Novi helped provide dither effect for aircraft flying internationally who want to stray in East Indonesia.



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