India-Russia Joint to Upgrade 10 Ka-28 Helicopters  Indian Navy

The Indian Navy and Russian state arms exporter Rosoboronexport signed a deal worth nearly $300 million to modernize 10 Russia-produced Ka-28 anti-submarine helicopters, Indian Navy spokesman Capt. D.K. Sharma said Thursday.

“The amount is approx 2K Crores for [the] upgrade of 10 Ka-28 ASW helicopters. The helicopters will be fitted with [the] latest sensors, details of which are not available to me… and the job shall be done in 42 months approx,” Sharma told RIA Novosti.

The Ka-28 helicopter is an export modification of the Ka-27, designed for anti-submarine warfare missions and capable of docking on various types of ships.

India purchased these helicopters in 1980. According to reports, only four of them are currently suitable for use.

Source: Sputnik


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