Qantas Record Largest Profit in History

    Qantas Arlines had a net profit biggest in 95 years of operating in the figure of 1.03 billion dollars or equivalent to Rp10.4 trillion, soaring away from the situation last year with a profit of 557 million dollars (5.6 trillion).

    The gross profit of the company that has been the exchange floor also rose 60 percent to 1.53 billion dollars from 975 million dollars in the previous year.

    According to the Director of Qantas, Alan Joyce, the achievement of this year was supported by a policy of trimming costs and lock in profits from the price of the fuel cheaper.

    Thanks to the drop in world oil prices, Qantas can gain a profit of 664 billion dollars to fix the price of jet fuel.

    The combined income of Qantas and Jetstar’s domestic routes reached 820 million dollars, up 30 percent from a year earlier.

    “This is the best result in the 95 year history of Qantas, Australia’s aviation history, period,” he said as reported by the network Wednesday.

    With this profit record, Qantas for the first time since 2009 will distribute a dividend of 7 cents (Rp705) per share, which will be paid in October. The company will also buy back shares up to the value of 366 million dollars.

    Bloomberg reported in today’s trading in Sydney, Qantas shares rose 4.1 percent to a figure of 3.54 dollars per share.

    In the past six years, Qantas has experienced ups and downs, from 2010 in which 112 million dollars was recorded profit rose to 250 million in 2011. Qantas then plunged into a loss position of 245 million dollars in 2012, and next year is able to get out of valleys loss with profit of $ 1 million.

    In 2014 the company bearing the white kangaroo lose up to $ 2.8 billion and since then Qantas operates a policy of saving 2 billion in operating costs and lay off 5,000 workers, or about 15 percent of the total employees.

    Alan Joyce said that since it was consistent savings could survive in the figure of 1.66 billion per year, and 557 million dollars of operating profit.

    Decline in oil prices sustain gains a very strong company with the achievement of security and accuracy of the flying schedule.

    Qantas international flights play a key role in the posture of gains, with total revenues of 512 million dollars before tax deductions, up 95 percent compared to 2015.


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