Japan Offered Amphibians Aircraft to Indonesia


Japanese Ambassador to Indonesia, Yasuaki Tanizaki, in a meeting with the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs, Wiranto, to discuss strengthening defense cooperation between the two countries one by offering a seaplane Japanese production.

“Earlier [topics] that really stands out that Japan offered a seaplane, which is quite interesting for maritime countries like Indonesia,” Wiranto said when met at the office of Coordinating Ministry for Politics Friday.

According to him, the aircraft can take off and landing on land and water is very nice to face the threat of forest fires last year had become a serious issue in the country.

“I think the seaplane is very nice to be modified into a part in efforts to extinguish the fire. He could land in the waters, suck up water and then spray water directly into some of the critical point of the burnt forest,” said Wiranto.

While acknowledging the importance of the multifunctional air usability, Legal and Security Affairs explained there has been no discussion of Indonesia’s intention to buy seaplane from Japan.

In November 2015, the discourse of Japanese amphibious aircraft purchase by the government of Indonesia had surfaced.

Type of aircraft in question are Shinmaywa US-2 is touted for 100 million US dollars per unit.

However, Head of the Information Office of the Navy Rear Admiral Muhammad Zainuddin rejected the plan by stating that there is no need for US-2 amphibian aircraft in the strategic plan or the minimum essential force “minimum essential force” (MEF) TNI.

MEF standards are based on the nature of threats related to the situation in the country and across national borders. Through the MEF, the main tool weapon system (defense equipment) are considered to have fashioned will be replaced gradually.

Source: Antara


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