Russia Suddenly Stop Use of Air Bases in Iran

Russia abruptly discontinue the use of the Iranian air bases to launch attacks in Syria. It was delivered by Iranian foreign ministry Monday, August 22, 2016.

In the past week, a number of Russia’s bombers, Tu-22M3 and Sukhoi-34, using Nojeh air base, near the city of Hamadan, western Iran, to launch air strikes against a number of armed groups in Syria.

It was the first time a foreign power to use air bases Iran since the Second World War. Russia and Iran of providing military aid vital to President Bashar al-Assad against rebels and hardline fighters in the Syrian war, which has been running for five years.

Some Iranian lawmakers called the moves as leakage Iranian constitution, which prohibits “the establishment of any foreign military base in Iran, even for peaceful purposes”.

Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan deny the criticism but also offend Moscow for informing the movements, and called it a show-off and a “betrayal of trust”.

“We do not give any military base to the Russians and they are not here to stay,” said Dehghan was quoted as saying by Fars news agency on Sunday night.

He said that “there is no written agreement” between the two countries and “operational cooperation” are only temporary and limited to refueling only.

United States Department of State last week calling the move “unfortunate but not surprising” and said that they were studying whether it violates the resolution 2231 of the UN Security Council, which prohibits the supply, trade and transfer of fighter aircraft to Iran.

Sudden On Monday, a spokesman for Iran’s Foreign Ministry said that the use of the base by Russia has ended.

“Russia does not have a base in Iran and was not deployed here. They do [operation] and ended unuk this time,” said Bahram Qasemi told the news agency Tasnim.

Iran’s defense minister had said last week that Russia will be allowed to use air bases Nojeh “as long as they need”.

Relations between the two countries that seemed to reach new levels in September when Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a military intervention in Syria to support Assad.

After several delays, Russia presents a missile defense system S-300 to Iran homemade, as evidence of increased cooperation that tested American influence in the Middle East.

Dehghan said that to change the delay, Russia has suggested to give the S-400 system they are advanced to Iran, but Tehran less interested because they’re working locally made defense system.

Iran unveil their new missile defense system, Bavar 373 on Monday, a system designed to counter cruise missiles, unmanned aircraft, fighter aircraft and ballistic missiles.

Iran’s defense minister also said that Tehran had shown a desire to buy Russian fighter Sukhoi Su-30 and the response of Moscow “not negative so far”.

The UN said it would use their veto powers in the UN Security Council to deter trading fighter aircraft to Iran.


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