SAS Airlines Emergency Landing After a “Suspect Package” Was found

    Flights SAS Airlines, which was traveling from Copenhagen Denmark towards Alicante in Spain was forced to land when it was discovered a suspicious package. The incident occurred Sunday, August 14, 2016 around 06.00 am.

    An aircraft was forced to land after a “suspect package” was discovered on board mid-flight.

    The SAS Airlines flight was travelling from Copenhagen in Denmark to Alicante in Spain when the flask was found at about 6pm yesterday.

    The pilot had to divert and land in Dusseldorf in Germany, before it turned out the Thermos flask only contained water.

    Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk was on board the flight as the incident unfolded.

    He said that after waiting outside the plane for about an hour, the package was declared safe, and passengers were able to continue their journeys.

    Mr Danczuk told the Standard: “We were first given the impression that there was a technical fault with the plane and that we had to land.

    “Once we were on the ground we were met by a lot of fire engines and police officers.

    “We were all ushered off the plane in to a waiting area where we were told that a suspect package had been found on the plane.

    SAS spokeswoman Cathrine Sandegren told the Standard: “During the flight a thermos was found on board and since the crew could not identify to whom it belonged it was decided to divert to Dusseldorf, the nearest airport, for a security landing.

    “This approach was fully in accordance with our safety procedures. It was a completely normal landing.

    “The police searched the plane and found that the thermos only contained water.  All passengers were debriefed by the captain and had the possibility to ask questions .

    “The plane was approximately 1.5 hour delayed to Alicante. We regret that the flight was delayed with 1.5 hours, while making our best efforts to inform passengers about the situation and take care of them in the best possible way.

    Source: standard

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