Bad Weather, Some Flights from Manokwari Canceled

A number of flights from Sorong Airport Osok Eduard Dominik Jayapura purposes via Rendani Airport in Manokwari, West Papua canceled his departure on Saturday Augustus, 08 2016 morning.

This was due to heavy rain and strong winds that cause visibility 1 kilometer in Manokwari Rendani Airport. Flights were delayed departures among them, Garuda Indonesia, Sriwijaya Air and Express Air. The scheduled departure time are supposed to be at 6:50 am was delayed until 09.00 CET.

Hundreds of passengers who had been on the plane eventually taken down and wait in the departure lounge Domik Eduar Osok Sorong Airport.

From the data service Sorong Deo, hard rains and high winds that hit the city of Manokwari cause visibility to only reach one kilometer. That caused a delay departure flight pilot.

Source: Okezone


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