US Approves $300 Million Aircraft Sale to Argentina

State Department of USA has approved a possible $300 million foreign military sale to Argentina for T-6C Texan aircraft, the department announced Wednesday.

Congress was informed of the potential sale on Friday, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency said in a statement.

Argentia  requested 24 of the trainer aircraft, as well as spare engines, initial spare parts, support equipment, communications equipment, studies and surveys, contract logistics support and technical services, aircraft technical publications, aircraft ferry and support, life support equipment, initial maintenance training, initial pilot training, follow-on training, alternate mission equipment, Air Force Material Command services and travel, unclassified minor modifications and engineering change proposals, ground-based training system, operational flight trainer and operational flight trainer spare parts.

The potential sale would provide additional opportunities for bilateral engagements and strengthen the relationship between the two countries, the agency said.

The Argentine military is on a path toward modernizing, and the sale would revitalize the country’s ability to train its pilots and fulfill border control missions, particularly along its porous northern border.

The Argentine air force will use the enhanced capability to redevelop a professional pilot corps.

Beechcraft Defense Company will be the prime contractor.



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